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And I'm far, far away, with my head up in the clouds.
And felt the silence hanging low in Nomansland.Letting loose around the world, but the call of home is loud.Still as loud, i've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi.I've seen the sunset in the East and in the West.He burns me with his eyes of gold to embers.Password can not be sent.
On that day that he lied.
There's a black bird perched outside my window.
I've sang the glory that was Rome and passed the 'Hound Dog' singer's home.And I'm far, far away, with my feet down in the crowds.Far far away, i've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi.One day that bird, he spoke.I've had a red light off-the-wrist without me even getting kissed.On a blanket made online casino usa com bonus of woven shadows.It still seems so unreal, i've seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska.And though those Spanish nights were fine It wasn't only from the wine.And though those arigato smiles stay in your memory for a while.