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Butters Chess Capture by moving adjacent rather than by displacement.
Chaturanga for Four - Machiavellian Version Cutthroat new version.
Win by accumulating captures.
CardChess for Three Survivor wins.Stealth Chess You must guess which opponent unit is which.Chimera Chess Chimeras cannot capture or be captured, but swap positions with the enemy units which they displace Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Number of players is probably comparable to fide chess players.Alternating Chess III Each side alternates between moving pawn and piece.The toughest odds given in chess.Arktur Chess Random first ranks, two kings.Chicken Chess Losing Benedict Arnold chess.Queens may not cross a square under attack.Coalition Chess Alternative setup.Clockwork Orange Chess Units are returned unable to capture.
Cannon Chess Rooks and Bishops move and capture after the style of Chinese cannons.
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Russian Fortress Chess Old four-handed chess game, with a considerable following in pre-communist Russia as well as elsewhere.
Immobilizer Chess The immobilizer does not capture, but renders adjacent enemy units unable to move.
Randomizer determines what unit(s) you may move.NeoSchaak Load your own units, onto the first two ranks, as you like during the game Neuter Queen Chess A non-capturable, non-capturing queen may be moved by either side.Pocket Knight Chess Drop an extra knight on the board.IV (1/2).5 C-LMG ammo 1 1 C-LMG ammo (1/2).5 C-MG ammo 1 1 C-MG ammo (1/2).5 C-narc ammo 1 1 C-narc ammo (1/2).5 C-SRM ammo 1 1 C-SRM ammo (1/2).5 C-SRM ammo ART.Full House Chess Load a second army before beginning.The maharaja cannot cross check.Half Chess 4x8 board, plays well.Haigh's Chess 12 x 8 version.Four Player Chess III Another popular setup for four players.Deployment Chess Place units on markers which disappear if crossed by a friend or occupied by any unit.French Revolution Chess Short game with your pawns facing the enemy.Patzer Chess If you can check, you must.Ludus Chessunculus Small hexagonal variant with single- and double-hoppers.