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So if I look specifically at this notion of enlightenment, then I am left with nothing, the same as with all experience, all happening, all non-happening, all of this.
Theres nothing to grasp.
Last year, yesterday I received the following email, which I really enjoyed.
I dont perceive thought as opposed to enlightenment.Next, the email asks wouldnt it be easier to say theres no such thing and be done with it?Be Healed Be Free, study Audio, sunday's Message.And part of what is happening is a story about vincere a blackjack become how I can know what right now is and how stuff I planed and dreamed and worked toward resulted in this thing that I know that is happening right now.Next theres a point about how so many people who are purporting to speak about nonduality at the same time both denounce enlightenment as a nothing and hint that it can be attained.What is so great about that?Maybe Buddha tried everything he could, almost died, set under a tree for couple of days meditating until he got bored with.First of all, this important question: is the thing that Im chasing after real in the way that I think of it?I find that it is ironic that I searched and searched and searched for something other than what is happening with the insistence that this shouldnt.
I would find it unlikely that is not the case for everybody.
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February 14, 2016 - Pastor Tim May.Do you have any way to know for sure that there is or is not enlightenment?And ultimately, what are we even talking about?I attended events with a guy who did some sort of homeopathic-energetic-fengshui healing process with laser placed on a photograph of the recipient.April 2017, february - March 2017, december 2016 - January 2017.So spiritual seekers are a marketers dream.Radio, click here to listen to Todays Christian Music Live at 94 FM the Fish, nashville, TN, upcoming Events.But I cant find any state much less that particular state.Can I actually achieve it?December 27, 2015, december 2015, september - November 2015, september 2015.