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When the truck returns, buy 2 casino online paypal 60 minuten cookies and 2 flours.
Buy 2 oil bears.Buy 4 decorations and 4 souvenirs, as you have the money.You cannot pick up the fuel.Cage and warehouse the last 2 bears.Gold at macchinette slot machine jammer schematic 1:05 -1:07 11 star boulevard Goal: 5000 coins, 1 vinci soldi 460 cake, and 1 cloth Time Limits: Gold 4:20, Silver 5:20 Stars for completion 100, Silver 150, Gold 300.Dress the first 3 bears and sell them.Buy the Refinery and start.Cage and warehouse at least 1 bear.
Start 3 more eggs in the Egg Powder machine.
Time Limits: Gold 3:40, Silver 4:40 Stars for Completion 7500, Silver 15,000, Gold 16,000.
Having restored farms and fed people all over the world, the plucky heroine of Farm Frenzy 3 thinks she's done it all.
Upgrade the truck twice and sell 1 oil bear.
Make 2 more cakes; be sure to make at least 2 cakes at a time.Buy 6 costumes.Keep making cloths and selling them.Make costumes and incubate the eggs.Dress the next 3 bears and sell them.Cage and warehouse all the bears.