borderlands 2 where is the slot machine in the dust

Blue Weapon 504.
Eridium, character skins and cash are dispensed through the front tray, while weapons are acquired through the side tray on the left.The price of a slot machine is determined by the level of the loot inside.The formula does appear to remain accurate across varying roll prices.A pair of symbols with a non-matching symbol: Common (White) weapon.Three Double Eridium casino online mac royal vegas : Two stacks of Eridium (8 pieces).
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it is not possible to win a rocket launcher, anything with a cryo or corrosive element, or any moonstones until the completion of, a New Direction, it may also be impossible to win the jackpot.
Purple Item With Three Legs 3 Marcus: Purple weapon, or very rarely other colors (including white).
Borderlands 2 Slot Machine at Moxxxi's.
Three Single Eridium : One stack of Eridium (4 pieces).
Three Bells : More money for you to gamble with!
This reward is the only one thatll hurt you by doing more than taking away your money.
A handy tip : Play the slots with a group of other players to multiply your cash and Eridium rewards.Two bells with any non-psycho mask at the end: One to Three piles of Cash 3 Bells: Three Piles of Cash 3 sevens: Character skin from a manufacturer.g.Three Cherries : Uncommon (Green) weapon.3 legs: Blue weapon.Youll also come across them in the wilderness, occasionally hoisted by a rare enemy called the One Armed Bandit.On rare occasions a jackpot will trigger that spews out around a dozen stacks of single eridium bars.The formula for calculating the average amount of eridium obtained per cash spent is: (cash 80 cash) / roll cost /100 *.4.Slot machines are more efficient when playing in a group, in that Eridium, Torgue Tokens and cash winnings are multiplied by the number of players since each receives the winning amount without division.Is a challenge to get either three triple, eridium bars or three Vault symbols on the Lucky Shot slot machines.Or, rarely, purple weapon and sometimes the chance for character or vehicle skins.The price does not increase with Overpower Levels.Live grenades and eleven of the twelve eridium bars from a triple eridium reward will drop to the floor.